Rescue Shelter Adoption


Shelters are a great place to adopt a dog. They have different breeds to choose from. You can make a real difference to a rescue dog that had an abusive past. Sometimes all they need is a little love and they will be a whole different animal after time passes.

Why are fees so high for some shelters?

The fees are important in the survival of the shelter. Many do not receive any federal or state funding to keep the doors open. They depend on people to donate money and on the fees they receive.

How long will it take?

The adoption process itself only takes an hour or two to complete. The number of dogs you wish to visit with will take up most of your time. Plan on an extra 20 to 30 minutes just in case the shelter is busy or short-staffed.

Services they provide for dog.

the shelter provides food and water for the animals daily. They provide Health Services such as exams, spay, and neuter surgeries. They give Behavior evaluations and training. There can be more or less services at the shelter. The more money they bring in will determine the more services they can give me animals.

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