Is dog insurance right for you?


Is dog insurance right for you?

How financially prepared are you if a medical emergency happens to your pet? According to a recent survey, close to 50% of all pet owners are worried they will not be able to afford medical bills for a sick or injured dog.

If you are faced with unexpected medical expenses for your beloved dog(s); having pet insurance is a great way to ease your mind and financial burden. Pet owners should also consider these other reasons to get pet insurance for their dog:

1. Dog insurance does not discriminate against age or breed. To get the lowest possible premium, it is advised that you obtain pet insurance as soon as you sign the adoption papers.

2. Obtaining pet insurance can help maintain your overall household budget because policy payment can be made monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or annually.

3. You can pick the veterinarian of your choosing – once the bill is sent to your dog insurance company – you will be financially reimbursed for qualifying expenses.

Accidents and Illness are usually covered and wellness coverage may or may not be an option depending on the company. Do your research to find the best dog insurance company to meet your needs.

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