A future glimpse, engagement session ideas


A true soul satisfying engagement session will be not only a pleasant backdrop of phtogenic quality,but should also incorporate a fusion of the soon to be bride and groom’s life experiences and desires.

A glimpse into their mutual future,if you will.In this fashion,the engagement session becomes an idea of the upcoming togetherness they will embark upon.

If one is a software designer,the other a florist,then the photos will be of them superimposed on a computer monitor or smart phone screen,while surrounded by colorful flowers and foilage.

If they both happen to love animals,or plan to get pets,a set with furry friends should be in order.

If they are expecting or want to have children,the lucky couple will have a crib,cradle or stroller placed in front of them for the shoot.

In the extaordinary event that one is a sports star,the other a baker,both could be dressed in team jerseys while holding a loaf of bread as you would a ball.Not just a typical nice picture,the engagement session idea now becomes a living testament to the upcoming act of these two people merging together as one;a hint of their passions.A glimpse of their future together.

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