How to remove the blackheads


blackheads those little bastards are disgusting and I personally hate them and in my opinion they’re one of those things that it doesn’t matter how clean you are it doesn’t matter how hygienic how amazingly handsome you are if you got blackheads you look nasty today gentlemen we’re given blackheads a death punch to the throat because I’m going over five crazy ways to remove them that every guy should try so first things first it’s critical to understand what a blackhead is and why we get them

the reason we get them is because dirt and grime oil dead skin cells sort of collect in our larger pores certain areas of your face or body are going to be prone to a larger pores but pore size is also something that is determined by genetics typically the lighter skin the lighter complected people are going to have smaller pores darker skin typically the larger your pores now a big misconception that a lot of dudes get wrong is that you can actually shrink the pore size you can’t once again they’re genetic

but one thing that makes your pores look super humongous is having a lot of the gunk and blackness hanging out AKA a pocket all the blackhead really is is a clogged pore so your pores fill up with dirt grime oil dead skin cells and then if not removed it actually oxidizes just like when you bite an apple and it turns brown same thing happens to the oil and dirt in your pores when the crap in your pore turns black it makes the pore appear even larger

now like we said you can’t shrink the pore size physically but when you extract or remove the blackhead it makes the pore appear small and once they’re removed if you implement a solid skin care routine every single day you don’t have blackheads because they don’t come back because you’re doing the things you need to do each and every day to keep those pores squeaky clean but you may be asking yourself a solid skincare routine what does this consist of exactly  ?

bang tea shanlee, every product in that the tea shanley system  is designed to help you have amazing skin but also keep your pores of blackhead photos product

free each tea shanley system you’re going to get this little card this card tells you exactly what products to use in what order and how much it takes all the guesswork out of having incredible glowing amazing skin this is actually a tea shanley level 3 system this is like the mack daddy right for you dudes out there that have a little bit more problem scan a little bit older want to make sure that your fighting mother nature like a kung fu ninja level 3 is definitely for you now if you’re new to skincare and just want to get started on a great skincare routine never get blackheads once you’ve removed them you could go level one possibly level two

the level 1g shanley system is going to come with your face wash you’re going to use this twice a day to remove all the dirt all the excess oil perfect

you’re also going to get an exfoliating scrub it’s the exfoliation that’s going to remove all those dead skin c el ls twice a week you’re going to use this in the shower and the idea is that by exfoliating you’re removing the dead skin and you’re bringing new fresh healthy skin to the surface and making sure that those pores stay as clean and oil dirt free as possible

you’re also going to get an am moisturizer this you’re going to use every morning before you go outside it has an SPF of 20 to make sure that you’re protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays

and a night bang PM moisturizer you need to make sure that you’re giving your skin the nourishment the nutrients it needs to rebuild bigger better more amazing and handsome while you sleep

now level 2 is going to come with an anti-aging eye cream level 3 is going to come with the anti-aging super serum

– for acne we’ve got 2 levels level one is for more mild or moderate acne level 2 is definitely for you dudes out there that have more severe acne I said hit that link down below because there you’re going to get an incredible deal a discoun t on your first teach Handley system level 1 level 2 level 3 acne level 1 level 2 you go you decide which system is right for you and start looking more handsome tomorrow

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