5 Causes Of Pimples That You Should Know


you might be in a state where you are getting pimples often, and you really want to know what causes pimples you’ve tried everything you possibly could but your pimples never appear to stop forming on your face!

well there are thousands of people with the same problem as you have now it just seems like these pimples won’t ever stop coming on your face pimples appear due to a certain cause and when treated correctly they go very soon there are a few things that led to the growth of pimples on your face if you know them you can understand what are the things you are doing wrong and what causes pimples but before I proceed further to tell you the causes of pimples.let us first understand what is a pimple so that you will understand the entire article easily .

what is a pimple?

a small pustule or papule is considered to be a pimple pimples occur on your face when oily glands get clogged and infected dead cells of the skin clogged pores oily glands and bacteria are the reason why pimples occur when these oil glands get clogged and are in fact did they swell and become small lesions filled with pus inside primarily known as pimples .

life of a pimple

the life of a pimple can be anywhere between two days to a week you can expect your pimple to go off at any time within this period if you are lucky it may take up to two days for a pimple to disappear completely or it might take up to a week to go it’s always beneficial if you do something about the pimple from the moment it starts to show up on your face this will help you get rid of that pimple pretty soon enough you can take a few necessary measure which will help you reduce your pimple growth.

what causes pimples?

1.number one genetics is considered to be one of the things that trigger pimple formation your family history can make you understand how often you will get pimples

2.number two the sebum oil that is produced on your skin can also lead to pimple growth the dead skin cells which are shed from the follicle and the skin bacteria with the presence of sebum make a clog which can lead to the cause of a pimple

3.number three puberty is the age when most of you guys will start to develop skin related problems androgens are the hormones which our body produces when you are in your puberty it’s all part of your body’s natural development stages due to these hormones a gland called sebaceous begins to charge all these changes at the puberty age trigger skin problems flare-ups during the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy are also caused by androgens .

4. number four bacteria is always present on your skin when a follicle is plugged multiple growth sub acne bacteria starts to happen which in return creates a reaction near the surrounding skin and inflammation occurs in the follicle.

5. number five when bacteria comes in contact with an already existing pimple it makes the pimple red and swollen and sometimes painful this might happen when you try to pop a pimple with your fingers the bacteria on your fingers may get into the pimple and might lead to cause the problem


pimples are often to occur when you are at the age of puberty even if you are done with puberty changes and yet if you are getting pimples don’t worry it’s all a part of what’s happening inside the skin still you can manage to keep your pimple away or make it go faster by taking necessary measures thank you for reading this article and get daily health tips .

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